Our Story

Shelly J Luxury is a brand founded in 2014 by Malaysian-born Shelly Johnson. Fascinated by African culture and fashion, Shelly started selling Ankara fabrics on social media before she decided to take her business to next level by making bags and shoes using the same material. She then took a trip to the neighboring country Indonesia to learn how to sew and make Ankara shoes and bags to be sold under her own label.
Upon returning to Malaysia, she realized that the market for her handmade shoes and bags are too niche. But seeing great potential in Shelly and the label, her husband believes that she could do more with her natural design talent. Shelly began designing clothes using the same fabric and actually flew to her husband’s native land, Nigeria to learn and have first-hand experience in sewing and turning her original designs into actual garments.
After years of being in the fashion business, Shelly J Luxury has made its mark not only in the local but also international fashion scene. Tackling all the challenges that come along with it, Shelly gains support from her husband who always convince her that she can be successful despite being an Asian designer selling African design clothes and accessories.
About Ankara Fabrics
Ankara fabric is a type of fabric used to make African prints. The fabric gets its name from the method used to create the print. Ankara is printed on 100% cotton and features bright colors along with interesting patterns that often embody African clothing. Unlike other patterned fabrics, the intensity of Ankara fabrics does not change that much regardless of whether it is seen from the front or the back. It is also referred to as “wax print” because it uses a “wax resistant” technique similar to the process of making batik prints that are popular in Indonesia. Today, Ankara is used to create African clothing for women, men, and kids. Shelly J Luxury is a fashion label that has a wide variety of Ankara print jewelry, purses, belts, shirts, dresses and pants available with worldwide shipping.
About Shelly Johnson
Shelly Johnson is a Malaysian designer who is happily married to her husband Olu Johnson from Nigeria. The lovely couple is blessed with three beautiful Afro-Asian daughters. Shelly is a graduate of Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Kuala Lumpur with deep interest in fashion that inspires her to start Shelly J Luxury. The label focuses in African inspired designs for men, women and even kids.
What is the thinking behind Shelly J Luxury?
Founded by Olu and Shelly Johnson, husband and wife from Malaysia, Shelly J Luxury was created with a simple aim to put the love back into African print clothing again. We want to give you a shopping experience that excites you, makes you feel good and provides you with unique handmade African print dresses which you will treasure from season to season.
What influences our collections?
Here at Shelly J Luxury, our biggest inspiration is our African heritage and our love for self-expression through clothing. This inspiration manifests itself in the form of vivid, eye-catching and contemporary African print dresses that can be worn casually, for a night out, or for formal events. We felt there was a gap in the market for amazing, well-made African print dresses that are affordable and readily available. This project is all about us embracing our opportunity to do something different, by bringing together African textiles and western style - a combination of the two worlds we live in.
What really sets us apart?
We understand women shop more by their personality than anything else. This is why we spend our time constructing clothing that fits you well, flatters your body’s shape, and helps you feel confident when wearing it! Whether you're after an African print dress, a dashiki shirt, or an African print maxi skirt, we hope we will have something for you.
We are also different in that we have an incredible Shelly J Luxury team making clothes in Nigeria (who we make sure get three times the average salary!). They help us source high quality & unique fabric not only from Nigeria, but Ghana and Benin as well. This is particularly important to us, as we need to make sure they truly fit our vision of creating unique African print clothing that speaks to women without compromising on quality. Each piece is designed and crafted with love and we think it shows in our clothes. This is not about fast fashion, it's about making pieces that you can truly treasure.